Hansel & Gretel

DeSales University, 2015
Directed by Patrick Golebiowski
Scenic Design by Karyn Bohli
Lighting Design by Allison Newhard
Sound Design by Matt Enters
Costume Design by Laura Vitale

The Act III program at DeSales University is designed as an opportunity for students to prepare them for working in the professional world. Act III presents student produced children’s theatre. Faculty mentors are available to the students throughout the process, but serve more as guides. The senior students are responsible for choosing and purchasing the script, electing the leadership roles and designers, budgeting, purchasing, producing, and building the entire show. The show then delights children 6 times a week, for a month and a half.

Please view the PDF to the right to read a newspaper review on the show. I am referenced by my maiden name, Laura Risch.

My crew consisted of 6 students, and together we costumed 22 characters, 12 of which were builds. I designed the costumes, drafted all of the patterns, and taught our costume crew advanced costuming skills. I coordinated the budget, the purchasing, generated the show notes, managed the shop, and held all of the fittings.

Additionally, I altered many of the costumes myself, built the Dew Princess, the 4 light-up Sprite costumes and wigs, and the Owl puppet. I am so proud to present this show as my cumulative university experience, and the best example of what I have to offer, on multiple levels.


My renderings for this show are now accessable on this page.

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