Hoobert the Owl Puppet

I created this puppet to be used for the character of The Owl in our senior show, Hansel and Gretel. This is my first puppet, and his construction is simplistic. Hoobert made it through 25 shows upon the arm of a dancing, mischevious woodland sprite. He was pet by countless children after every show (and stole a little bit of the spotlight!).

Hoobert was easy to work with and held up well through the run. I delightedly caught the puppeteer arranging the fur on his brow to give him different facial expressions.
I plan to make him a new beak, and add wings and feet in the near future!

Tremendous thanks to Johnathan Wallace for his incredible puppetry skills and overall amazing character!
Hoobert was named by Karyn Bohli, our loving company manager, set designer, and all around superstar.

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